Letting Go into Voice

It sometimes seems there are barriers to our voice at every turn. As we learn to trust the flow, the rocks become an exciting selling point for the journey. Trusting the flow as a clarifying process, we learn patience as we move along. As our path unfolds before us. −Wading the Stream of Awareness(Voice Chapter)

Our behavior is driven by what we believe we can or cannot do. In honoring voice you support beliefs that empower the real you. Giving to yourself the time to learn, grow, and develop is a selfless commitment; it is nourishing for those you lead, influence, and serve.

I suppose one could become obsessively focused on caring for the internal. Some might say that about me this year. With a stressful beginning to the year, I chose to go inside (bouncing off some of my own rocks). This focus internally was to purify and protect the flow of my calling, my voice. Voice does not just flow externally, it begins from an internal stream.

I had allowed external circumstances to dam the flow. The dam was of my own construction as I continually tried to hold on−to control.

To lead, influence, and serve as called, you must nurture your own voice. The resonance of voice is purified by selfless time−time for you. There is bounty in the flow of voice. In your voice you are called into the present.

As you become more aware of your unfolding story, you create the deep commitment to care for the internal.

Everything you need you have now.

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8 thoughts on “Letting Go into Voice

  1. Jeff I am so glad that you have now pushed outward. It is a pleasure to see you out and about and on the public speaking tour again. You have so much to share with others. I am glad to know you and your voice! Thank you for your support through the years.

    • Thank you so much Mel! Some very good things are moving. This year has shown me some wonderful things that have involved my Coaching process; and therefore I’m seeing an increase in interest-which has translated into new coaching clients! Thanks again.

  2. Our own voice is what makes us unique and valuable, as no one else has our voice or our perspective. Every great leader has a clear voice and a point of view, the key is knowing what yours is!

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