Encouragement for Your Presence (A Shift with Expectation)

Do not let the shoulds of your role get in the way of what you ought to do. You are your best you only in the present. There is no more present activity than truly listening to another human being. −Wading the Stream of Awareness (p. 147)

When I was writing my book I began to challenge what I had been taught about expectations. I am moving away from the concept as I’ve known it in business and work.

Is this movement because people cannot see what to look for without someone telling them? As individuals, is it true that what we choose to understand (see) may also determine what we will not understand? We lock on to what is expected hoping for the provision of a clear path. A path may present itself, but is it yours?

Freedom is in expecting good, not defining it. This is presence. A dogmatic attachment to a predetermined specific often misses the relationship necessary to get there. We can often be misled through the process of setting expectations as we miss the opportunity to listen. In this scenario, expectations cloud the glass, and thus are not even reality. We go wrong at the outset when we try to reflect off this dull lens. In this cloudiness we are left in a dangerous spot−judgment−as we harshly devalue others who don’t do things just like us.

Before repositioning what you believe about expectation, consider that:
1) The true self is alive in the present.
2) Alive in the present, voice amplifies purpose.
3) Purpose serves the true self only in the present.

As Richard Rohr says, we cannot act on who we really are if we cannot see who we really are.

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