Encouragement for Your Voice (You; Intended from the Beginning)

The voice to which I so often refer is discernible in what we say, but rarely audible.

Contemplate the silence of your Voice:
1) Be still in the flow.
2) Listen for the call.
3) Feel what you hear.

As of late, I have been learning to open and feel what I hear in the flow. Each experience is processed in my body. This is a new level of conscious awareness for me. Learning to practice this physicality in balance with emotional, mental, and spiritual realms is, I’m learning, very important to being with any experience.

I recently observed this balance when being with my mom for three days as she acclimated to a care and rehab facility. In the movement of these experiences−the paradoxical flow−I am moving closer to who I really am. This has been a lifelong process; and life ain’t over yet!

The you intended from the beginning is real and present in, and around, you … now. I completely understand it may not feel like that at the moment. I only ask that you stand in the middle, reach out, and feel the essence of you−meant purposefully from the source.

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8 thoughts on “Encouragement for Your Voice (You; Intended from the Beginning)

  1. I’m going through the same process. It is the greatest and mst profound beautiful thing ive experienced. Not to mention more simpler than I’ve tried to rationalize and intellect life all these years. It takes so much courage to spend that solitude and silence the mind. Learning who you truly are and listening to yourself rather than advice from others is the greatest gift from the holy spirit! It took a difficult illness to get me started on the journey and I’m so grateful for that hardship or I’d still be wandering and lost in my mind 😉

  2. Almost without fail, if my little voice tells me something and I go with convention and do not listen, I am wrong. That little voice is usually spot on with advice to be at the very least considered. Most times it comes as a flash in a moment when I least expect it and maybe even in a tornado of conflict. God grants us wisdom and we many times look outside for our help when it is within us all along.

  3. So agree with that “feel what you hear.” In working with my current visionary business leaders group I’ve talked about being an “embodied entrepreneur.” Feeling gives great clues to what is next, too!

  4. Jeff, so sorry for the toughness of the situation. I completely empathize with the aging parents issue. So glad you have found the silver lining in an otherwise difficult situation.

    • Thanks Mel. The good news is that Mom is now home. She patiently listened to her sons and did a wonderful job with her therapy. She will continue therapy three days a week. The silver lining in that cloud was that she has realized what good diet and exercise can do for one at any age.

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