You, The Stream, and Focus

For me, navigating the stream in high and cloudy water conditions registers high on my foolish scale. I don’t ignore the stream during these times. I know it is there and I patiently wait for the clarity that reunites me with its presence. I love the stream in all conditions. −The Stream and Clarity, Focus Chapter, page 184

The writing of the manuscript for Wading the Stream of Awareness was not the beginning of my radical journey inward, but it was an extended experience that forever changed my inward journey, and ostensibly any outward excursion.

Standing by the stream, intellectually I know it will clear by designed process. But I sometimes grow weary waiting for the next providential wonder. Too often in this information rich world we are pulled into the impoverished spotlight of what we do not yet have. This negative removal from presence is a tragic cause of much despair.

Back by the side of the stream, with cloudiness still in flow, I once again feel the certainty drawn through the capacity of hope. I don’t know about you, but in the black-hole pull that seems to always accompany a fearful visit to the future, it is impossible to truly focus in the now. You are conceivably no longer even here; at least not for any good thing in the present.

Remember, what you desire for your impact in this world demands your present attention and focused intention. The stream will clear and flow once again for a clear wade.

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