You, The Stream, and Voice

I wish I could explain what attracts me to the stream. I know it has become an essential part of my life. There are times even though miles away I hear its song. I hear it calling my name. I have all my life. −The Stream as an Attractor, Voice Chapter, page 125

Were it not for the call of the stream−the softness of a name given me in grace−I believe I would have become lost in the past few weeks of reflection at the pool.

Sometimes we fervently crave something new when the real pang is for what is already present and established. What is already present is your voice. There is an energy−a power−that resonates from your core. This is your voice; that one element you hold so close that it must be present (flowing) for each interaction to be as it ought.

In this time of contemplation, that has providentially included a necessary suffering, I was made aware of an intonation in my voice that had become muted in the sometimes too plentiful insignificant clatter of 21st Century living. My thoughts then turned to doing what I must to free this energy into active articulation; a delivery firmly placed by the strength of my voice.

Know then the essential things. Be still in the flow and listen for the call. Chances are what you hear will not be for the first time, but maybe specifically more recognizable than ever before. Has the message (the call) changed? No. You have.

Your voice will clear the flow of your individual character and allow us safety in the experience of who we really are.

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