You, The Stream, and Desire & Intent

I love the concept, the experience, of flow. When in flow, my voice active, I tumble, break, and turn; and where I can, slow into a pool—an ordained location and time to gather consciousness of the journey and full experience before moving once again. -The Stream and Flow, Desire & Intent Chapter, page 56

I began this post just before slowing into a 13 day pool. I was definitely in need of time to gather myself for the next stage of the journey.

Had something dampened desire?

Did I lose focus?

Was it time for a change?

If so, to what would I turn?

Then I was reminded that the turning is after the tumbles and breaks. Let me tell you, the tumbling and breaking is painful at a deep, personal level. As Richard Rohr calls it in his book, Falling Upward, “A necessary suffering.”

Until we are led to the limits of our present game plan, and find it to be insufficient, we will not search out or find the real source, the deep well, or the constantly flowing stream. −Richard Rohr

In times of significant change in my life, commitment was followed by the beautiful flow of providence. I know that my desire and intent have joined internally to create the dance toward the impact of my voice.

In this pool−which may go beyond the 13 days−I’ve been lovingly reminded of another authentic fact: The core of my voice is authentic encouragement of the individual.

10 thoughts on “You, The Stream, and Desire & Intent

  1. I find this interesting after having some health challanges recently. Can’t wait to read and share more of your experience 🙂

  2. I really respect you for taking the time to spend in the pool, paying attention to what you need. You are a positive role model of an inspired leader, Jeff. Thank you.

  3. Dear Jeff,

    I am glad you had the time and experience – how I envy you. I thought about you often over the past few weeks and picked up Wading the Stream of Awareness to find some true wisdom to help guide me – as I often do. You are an inspiration to me.

    • You are a dearest of friends! Thank you! I’ve been thinking of you so much during this time. I will look forward to talking very soon.

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