You, The Stream, and Impact

The stream is a loving, inclusive force necessary to the life that surrounds it and the life that is drawn to it. As one who is drawn, I’m in awe of this force that has become such a part of my experience. -The Stream as Force, Impact Chapter, page 19

What is your journey of impact?

Most likely, the impact you most desire was born some distance back in your experience. My storytelling friend, Kim Weitkamp, calls this your ignition point: A moment in time when passion kicked-in to a degree of burning impression.

Participating in a workshop of Kim’s, she took me back to that time; sitting in the courtyard of my high school. I saw the young persons who sought me out to talk. They were starving for encouragement at the heart of who they were.

The flow of your awareness−your passion−is a loving, inclusive force. It flows from your core, surrounds you, and draws in life.

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