The Building of Confidence – Eric’s Story

Eric’s story interview began with music to my ears, “I feel more relaxed now that I understand my purpose.” Purpose−the beginning of impact.

As Eric looked back on his life, both personally and professionally, he began to realize how much his sense of being depended on, and revolved around, service and excellence in service. As a personal example, he told of how he remodeled the family’s main bathroom, meticulously doing all the work himself. When it was completed, he simply couldn’t wait for his wife and two teenage daughters to each take their first shower in the space he designed just for them. Professionally, in the job before his current role, he became competitive; meaning that being more conscious of impact made his talents and strengths more visible to those he served.

When in the transition to his current company and his present officer role, Eric felt lost. Finally it occurred to him why he felt that way. He was accustomed to knowing his work well and being precise in modeling service in the work. In the milieu of feeling lost, he was paralyzed by what he didn’t know−becoming afraid of saying, “I don’t know.” Looking back once again, he sees it as a lack of understanding, both of himself and of the larger story of the organization.

Referring to a time before being conscious and focused on his personal brand, Eric said, “I struggled with what it meant to better serve others by serving myself.” His confidence is now at a level where he is comfortable saying, I don’t know. Comfort and confidence have come with acceptance; of who he is, what he does, and his impact.

Eric Egan is an Innovation Officer using the power of teaching to lead others to their full contribution. His personal brand is to Empower Others to Confidently Serve and Self-serve.

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