Trust Yourself (Expertise)

In the agitation of intentional transition
a threat to confidence I consciously allowed.

Soul asks, “Do you know what you can do?”
and reminds me of a casual style avowed.

A loving voice not my own exhorts, “Trust yourself”
melting the icy texture of fear into knowledge matured.

With casual trust I float in creative flow
exiting a bubble of limitation with confidence assured.

−J. Brunson

Leadership Poem 1 – From Ed’s Story & loving encouragement from my best friend Becky

8 thoughts on “Trust Yourself (Expertise)

  1. What an important message, Jeff! I think that trusting yourself is the most important thing any of us can do. Sometimes we have to listen for the wee small voice that tells us what we already know at some level. Wonderful format for sharing this message, too!

  2. Wonderful poem, Jeff. I love the line about exiting the bubble of limitation. I seeing you floating along in a tiny little bubble, but then suddenly being able to see possiblilities outside of that bubble–then out pops a confident Jeff floating along like a dancing feather. Who knows where the wind of possibility will take you.

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