The Building of Confidence – Jim’s Story

Jim began our Story interview by saying, “I apologized to my staff the other day.”

There is quite a bit of change occurring in his organization and he was not sure he had been clear enough as of late. He felt he may have been short with them; not giving the amount of attention they really need from him. Internally, Jim was asking, “Have I served them properly?”

Our precarious economic environment has been a distraction for many leaders. Jim’s role as CFO has him on the firing line as his organization is reinvented in the atmosphere of an acquisition. These factors have pulled Jim away from his brand of leadership and challenged his voice. Typically, Jim leads in a manner that supports his commitment to serve each individual in the organization; they are all important to him.

Jim begins with trust. His style  of trust is grounded in personal accountability; that others need to own their behavior. He trusts people to own their impact through conscious, personal potential. With the heart and nature of a servant, Jim said, “I love to help people do things.” While he currently does not see himself as the best at delegation, he knows he needs others to accomplish his vision. His eyes were focused past me as he asked, “How can I pass responsibilities to others in this time?” How can he get others to take on more? It can be tiring.

Jim cares deeply; about the business and its success, and about each individual and his or her success. He is focused on the best outcomes and makes plans and changes accordingly. Jim is becoming more conscious of his deep, driving desire to serve.

In this stressful transition, Jim is aware of a powerful principle: In order to do some thing for others, you must be able to do this thing for yourself. When the oxygen masks drop, you will be no good to others if you do not carefully place yours first.

The uncomfortable questioning Jim is experiencing internally is right where he needs to be. It is hard to find answers if we do not ask the questions. Jim’s strength for process will continue to benefit him, and others, in the present as he clears his path to serve and frees his voice of Trust.

Jim Haselsteiner is a leader serving others toward a common goal. He is a calm presence in a time of transition and uncertainty.

13 thoughts on “The Building of Confidence – Jim’s Story

  1. Jim sounds like a wonderful leader. His willingness to apologize and awareness of the needs of others do indeed make him a serving type of leader. It is rewarding to hear that he is aware of the need to care for himself in this stressful time so that he can better care for others. As difficult as it is to do this, it really IS true that you have to put your own oxygen mask on first!

  2. I’m struck by the phrase: In order to do some thing for others, you must be able to do this thing for yourself. I love that Jim was willing and confident enough to apologize. That is a true leader. Love these client stories.

  3. As always an insightful read. the questions he ponders: “How can I pass responsibilities to others in this time?” How can he get others to take on more?” are ones I hear from coaching clients frequently indeed it can be tiring being the leader holding the vision. I read a quote this week that I love “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” — John C. Maxwell

    I am sure that with his consistency and voice of trust over time he will influence the others.

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