The Building of Confidence – Doug’s Story

Our global economic struggle has exacted a toll on organizations. It seems to me however there is not a substantial concern for individuals who are
survivors in this time of virulent insecurity. Then there is Doug.

Decide to Leave or Decide to Stay… Don’t Feel Trapped!
Doug is more concerned about the individual than anything else at the moment. By focusing on what is right for the individual, he believes he’ll accomplish what is best for the company.  Doug sees two ways to address those “left behind” during challenging times. The first is to educate people on the “new reality”, a sobering conversation which can foster negativity and cause people to become demoralized. The better choice is to encourage others to explore their options.
Tell them to go shop their value in the market! In so doing, each individual can develop his/her own perspective about where they are. In Doug’s premise, exploring options can only be good – either there’s something better out there for someone (yay for them!) or they develop a new appreciation for their current role and begin to see what is good around them.

Learning – Leveraging – Leading
Doug is driven to learn. When his learning is leveraged in his brand of leadership, Doug is energized. In an atmosphere of fear, people are doing their job, but there is no fulfillment. Doug believes in making work fun!  He is motivated by helping others find enjoyment and value in their work. He has combined the quantitative and qualitative sides of thinking critically to engage the individual in seeking what is right for them, the situation, and the collective.

Doug finds his hope in being present with his own brand “Leading others to think critically to succeed.” By focusing on others in these unsure times, he is helping them one by one do what is right for them. He is personalizing his faith in his own brand. Others need his brand. They need this critical thinking.

Doug has adapted a brand−developed for an ideal situation−to be effective in a challenging, fearful environment. He is helping the individual think critically for their own good; what is right for them … Now!

Don’t protect me from failing. Help me succeed!
-Doug Burton, 21st Century Leader

Doug Burton is a confident, creative leader for a large financial services company.

14 thoughts on “The Building of Confidence – Doug’s Story

  1. There are so many organizations that have gone from great places to work to horrible places to work. I love that this guy understands he has options about actions and attitudes, and that even if you are scared, you do have the option to go.

    • Doug is indeed special. An example of this uniqueness is represented in something he said to me; “I hate it when I’m the smartest person in the room.” Doug listens, learns, and leads.

  2. Wow, Doug is a very powerful, caring leader. I love his approach to treating employees as people who deserve to be treated with respect. If more companies cared as much about their workers as Doug, the world would be so much nicer (and more productive).

  3. I am a big believer in having people explore options in order to make informed decisions that will fit them. The more people have the information that applies to their situation, whether it is job change or divorce or a move, the easier the decisions become and the better the fit is likely to be. Doug sounds like a very skilled, caring leader. Thanks for sharing his story, Jeff.

  4. Doug sounds like a wonderful leader. It is rare to see someone who truly believes that the success of the company depends on the individual people within the company. Being able to think critically is so crucial to success, but I think it really is the key to living life with a sense of power and freedom. I would guess Doug feels this way, too.

  5. Jeff, I am very much enjoying your profiles in leadership series. I hear so many people talking about “the new normal.” I really like the way you’ve contrasted that with “what are my options?” Thank you for sharing Doug’s story.

  6. Jeff:
    I agree that people should be encouraged to explore their options. They may find that it’s not as bad where they are and appreciate what they have or that it is a whole lot better out there then they think. Either way, the organization benefits. There is nothing worse than being around people who wallow in their misery and infect the whole organization. Been there, left that!

    • Bill, you are so right; either way, the organization benefits. I think more and more people are realizing such truths in this 21st Century … at least that is my hope.

      Thanks for reading!

  7. Great story Jeff!! I love that Doug has implemented “learn, leverage & lead.” It’s so powerful to take a stand for yourself first. Others will follow or fall-off!! Thanks.

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