The Building of Confidence – Judie’s Story

Judie’s Confidence Cycle is: Interaction -to- The Business of Planning -to- Deeper Evolution of the Friendship.

One day I proposed that her confidence cycle was the very model on which she had built her well-established, successful practice. Judie was more than intrigued. She became delightfully enthralled.

Her business model is the requisite blend of strengths when Judie is at her best. This circle of friendship business model is so a part of who Judie is as a person. Being able to finally put this model on paper allowed her to focus even more intently on those she has come to love. “It’s all about the client. It’s about protecting them,” says Judie.

She indeed protects those she loves by being sure that what makes them who they are is off-limits to attack. Talk about anything you wish, but don’t mess with those specific, unique attributes that make a person so darn special in this world. Judie loves her clients differently; and equally. If you are in the circle of friendship, you are in a safe, wonderful orbit.

Judie told me her business model freed her (gave her permission) to say, “This is what I do. This is who I am.” While this confidence cycle is natural for Judie, she is now conscious of it in a way that leads her to focus. She confidently says ‘no’ to things that do not fit; that may distract her from doing what she loves for those she is free to love.

On her way to delivering her brand of love, she grounds the relationship in how much she simply likes you and delights being in your presence.

Judith Camak, CFP® is a trusted, learned wealth management advisor. I am privileged to be in the orbit of her friendship.

15 thoughts on “The Building of Confidence – Judie’s Story

  1. This story really resonates with me. I love that Judith recognizes that what she does and who she is exist harmoniously. It sounds like she has a way of being that just permeates throughout and regardless of her surroundings.

  2. I would not have thought of a “circle of friendship” business model but it makes perfect sense. I really like the statement that it freed her to say “this is who I am; this is what I do.” This process of examining who you really are and designing your business around us is so valuable–it allows us to be more authentic and congruent in our life and our business. Thanks for sharing this, Jeff.

    • Linda, that was Judie’s term, “circle of friendship.” While her business model is hers, and very personal, she really made it her own with this term.

  3. Like Linda, I’ve not thought of a “circle of friendship” business model, either. What intrigues me, though, is that Julie recognizes what floats her boat and is able to confidently decide what fits for her, or not, as measured against that. Very cool!

  4. This is such a great story. Thanks Jeff. I love that relationships are what makes Judie’s business model so successful. The system that works for her where she is thriving in what she loves!!

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