The Building of Confidence – Ken’s Story

Confidence: Feeling good about what I do and not feeling bad about what I’m not good at.  −Ken, Confident Leader

Upon first meeting Ken, I found he represented a common, yet sad, situation. He was good in his work, but did not understand why. He was not very aware or confident. Fortunately, Ken has a great friend and coworker who saw his strengths and gave him the gift of encouragement. The friend challenged Ken to look inside himself−to take the risk. When I interviewed Ken for his story, he was two years into his conscious journey as an aware, focused, and loving leader. Ken, as I learned in our work together, is at his best when his voice of respect and fairness is fully engaged. It is his love for the individual that drives his most effective behavior as a leader.

“Passion allows me to have the vision,” Ken explained. The current work in measurement reporting has helped Ken bring a lot of things together; he has become fully engaged. Ken told me this engagement allowed him to pull in his passion, strengths, and purpose. He said, “This combination has now made me better at looking ahead; seeing a vision (what could be from this work) and sharing with others this vision.” He has learned to put vision in the crosshairs of the present as he energizes others for the future.

As Ken brings the future to the present work, he identifies the measures that help build the collaborative telling of the organizational story. Many find expending this kind of energy risky as most people aren’t led to feel the story unfolding in the present.

“What I do−really do−is very marketable. I feel like I am taking a higher risk pursuing this since not as many companies are this committed to a full time role in the measurement and reporting space. However, I am comfortable with moving forward with the risk because I believe companies will be moving more and more into this area.”

Having the ability to do work where he has passion is a driver for Ken. He has moved away from fear−the fear of losing. If passionate work is a risk, then he willingly takes the risk. Ken told me that there are two kinds of energy in his awareness; exhaustive energy and engaging energy. He has consciously placed himself in the latter. He knows it to be a better place. Doing the work (the art) for which he has a passion is renewable energy. While the best reward is internal, it is great when it manifests externally as well. Ken’s energy in applying himself authentically in his work helped bring about the unanimous nomination to his role of enterprise reporting manager.

As Ken continually reflects on his Development Story, he finds energy to dive deeper into the work. “The work I’m doing right now is definitely in the wheelhouse of my story!” Ken exclaimed. He finds that some people appear to envy the energy he brings doing something he loves. Ken says, “I am simply exhibiting confidence.”

Ken loves his work and in his work, loves. This is Ken feeling the reward and sharing it with others.

Aware? Yes.

Focused? Yes.

Loving? Allow me to let Ken answer that: “I want to bring others along with my passion as I assist them in finding their passion; their confidence.”

Ken Witek is an IT leader for a Fortune 100 company where he delivers pathways to operational excellence.

8 thoughts on “The Building of Confidence – Ken’s Story

  1. To me it is inspiring to read how other people have struggled to gain insight into what they offer to others. I always learn something by their sharing their story.

  2. Ken’s story illustrates how very important it is to be able to identify what you need to have in order to be your very best–for Ken it was being in an environment that fully engages his voice of respect and fairness. That is such an important thing to discover–what do you need in order to be your very best? Because when you can be your very best, there’s no limit to what you can do or what kind of leader you can be!

  3. Great story Jeff. This is such a great reminder, when I look at what I’m good at and acknowledge those things and then find others to fill in the gaps of my weaknesses. Thanks!!

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