The Building of Confidence – Ed’s Story

Allow me to tell you a bit about Ed. Ed leads with integrity; modeled in his own discipline and personal dedication. His casual style of being with others allows him to realistically assess process in light of desired outcomes. His caring objectiveness drives him to be clear with what is expected and in how he holds others accountable to do their best and make a difference.

The story of confidence Ed chose to tell me was about being exposed to the power of consciousness during a transition. Ed is an information technology professional. As he was transitioning from the applications side to the services of infrastructure, the business engaged in a monumental merger. Ed was approached by a VP who told him that he was the right person to lead the transition for the receiving company. Ed was now in the throes of a double transition.

Ed told me of how honored he was by this placement of the VP’s confidence; and a trifle intimidated. Ed looked inside himself and said,  “You know, you can do this.” The icy texture of his fear began to melt. It was a chaotic year with plenty of hard work by all. Being conscious of his professional transition, and the transition period natural to a merger, provided the space where creativity could flow. Ed came out on the other side more mature, more seasoned, and with a better understanding of the overall story of the organization’s work.

“This showed me what you can do if you just believe in yourself”, Ed confidently claimed. Ed indeed believed in himself and his ability to motivate and move the right work forward. He saw everyone involved grow as an individual. With what I know about Ed as an individual, I saw this as a story where his personal brand was born into conscious presence. Ed Enables People to Believe: He exhibits what he expects as he helps others realize their potential.

Ed says that most people are really good at what they do; they just don’t realize it. He is motivated by highlighting the strengths of others in specific situations where they have opportunity to showcase skills, talents, and abilities. These are Ed’s success stories. It is about others saying to themselves what he learned to say, “You know; I can do this.”

The passion could be heard in Ed’s voice when he said to me, “It is the stories where I’ve helped others believe in themselves that have been the most rewarding for me.” That summarizes beautifully the man I’ve come to know; the man who caringly holds individuals accountable to do their very best and make a difference in this world.

Thank you Ed for your 21st Century leadership.

Edward Wilson, is an IT leader for a Fortune 100 company where he enables people to believe, do their best, and make a difference.

8 thoughts on “The Building of Confidence – Ed’s Story

  1. What an amazing, and inspiring, leader. I love his faith in himself and others. Often we get bogged down in the pettiness of daily life that we miss, or ignore, the good in others. Ed sounds like he not only lead the team through the transition, but also made a difference in their lives and the company. Thanks so much for introducing Ed to us.

  2. I love hearing about leaders who step into being and not just doing. His quote “This showed me what you can do if you just believe in yourself” is all about who he is being. Lucky people to be served by him!

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