Working Love

I contemplate the fictitious nature of our work world. -John, Coaching Client

It was in our first session where John said this, and I will not pretend to know all that, for him, is behind this observation. However, being taken enough by his statement to immediately write it down, I decided to expand a bit on what it says to me about John’s journey.

When it comes to the individual in the work world, what one perceives is expected often seems to run counter to what resides deep inside. In The Heart Aroused, David Whyte says what the work most requires of us as an individual flows from the very part of us we are asked to check at the door. I am privileged to be of support as John reconsiders all this. This reflection toward purpose is essential to one’s journey.

The journey is energized when one travels conscious of internal desire and leads openly with intention. John unashamedly loves his work. Like you and me, he desires to give through his work with a confidence found in his own uniqueness. He wants the same for others. It is okay to love your work and in your work, love.

To take those you lead, influence, and serve beyond mere expectations, you must love them. Love moves one through fear and limitation. Leading in this New Confidence, leaders like John are guiding us from surviving in the fictitious nature of the work world to contributing in work we love. Your love builds my confidence. It takes the working love of a confident leader to build the confidence of others.


9 thoughts on “Working Love

  1. Beautiful and passionate. I can’t recall ever reading anything the power of love in the leadership process. My favorite line ever is, “Your love builds my confidence”. That is why you are amazing at what you do.

  2. My favorite thing to work on with people is what I have come to call “your work as your practice.” Bringing love and compassion into your work is, in fact, the challenge of work well done and live well lived. Thank you for this post, Jeff.

  3. True words you write! I have had team members follow me from company to company and when I asked what it was that drew them here they always commented that they felt valued, supported, worthy and loved. As a practising servant leader I know that I have done my job when others around me grow wiser, freer, more joyous and more likely themselves to become leaders.

  4. This is such an inspirational posting, I think. The idea of paying attention to love as it impacts leadership is new, but it makes so much sense as you write about it. Thank you, Jeff. This is truly a gift that you are giving to us.

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