Why Love?

The composition planned for this post suddenly changed when I realized the title had morphed into the question, Why Love? Another influence on the change in my plan was a brief, long overdue visit with a friend; the friend who, several years ago, issued a challenge. The challenge was to prove him wrong in a claim he made: The more narrow the focus, the broader the impact. He knew how to motivate this Southerner.

Becoming focused – narrowing my personal brand – had enriched my work and life. Focus intensified my love, my Voice (the one thing I hold so close that must be in each and every interaction). The intensity of my love strengthened my focus. Love flows through my work – only after doing its work in me.

Only those who are totally secure in their love can live thus fully the present moment. -Thomas H. Green in When the Well Runs Dry

The why of my love is embedded in my mission to free the confidence found in the individual leader’s authenticity. My love is focused only as I am present. It is good to remember; a healthy appreciation of the historical building blocks of our story. It is also good to confidently peer into the vision of tomorrow. Embracing the outline – the structure – of our story frees love in the present; the only location where we truly live.

Story lives in your moments, folds into your potential, and unfolds in your love. What is the why of your love?

9 thoughts on “Why Love?

  1. Your posts always inspire me to look DEEPER, Jeff. I hadn’t thought about the idea of focus intensifying love, or even the idea of love and leadership. Thank you.

  2. Yet another great post, Jeff. I especially like your pointing out that focus is a part of your experience of love in work. It brings to mind a magnifying glass out in the sun creating fire. Stay with me for a minute here. See I think that there can be a fire to love that is exceedingly valuable. Yogis and yoginis are familiar with the term, the fire of yoga. So what happens is that this fire burns off the dross of the ego so that the true nature of Love can shine through.

    So your Presence forms a kind of magnifying glass to help reveal the o so lovely authentically confident leader. But I imagine that sometimes in that journey, there is a bit of burning.

    • Thanks Melanie for adding such value to my post with your words. I’ve often referenced the magnifying glass when talking of the power of focus … but you’ve added great meaning with your phrase, “Presence forms a kind of magnifying glass.” Thanks again, Jeff

  3. Thank you, Jeff. My 4 year old daughter recently made a mobile of why she loves me which I was obviously touched by. Your post has inspired me to look at the “why” behind my love and think of all the ways that it flows.

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