Focused Love

Getting in state … involves focusing your whole being on your intent to achieve your purpose. This state is vital to the art of the tell because your intention is actually what signals listeners to pay attention to you.
-Peter Guber in Tell to Win

I trust the loving storyteller. And there is no teller of stories more worthy of trust than Kathryn Tucker Windham. How providential it feels that this post was planned for this week; the week Kathryn, after 93 love-driven years, was allowed to rest – taken up into the rest of the story.

Kathryn listened, learned, laughed, and loved her way through life. Her father’s teaching of the Four L’s was taken seriously and she lived accordingly. And we were all blessed. As a storyteller – whether writing them for us or telling them to us – Kathryn lived a narrative that brought her intention to tangible reality. Her intention was pure love uninhibited by any form of debilitating judgment. This brand of love gets your attention and makes you listen.

As an aware, focused, and loving leader who listens, you see present need. You trust the teller in you for the appropriate story to fill the need. Driven by your love for the listener, you tell effectively. You are present with your love and we have love in your presence.

Photo: Gift from Tom Raymond, Fresh Air Photo

Kathryn loved stories and she loved her listeners. As she would encourage, “Go, tell your stories.”

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