Story – The Gift of Focus

A story is not a distraction in the scuffle of a busy 21st Century. A story is evidence of meaningful purpose both understood and applied. Purpose is our portal to focus.

The act of telling a story for direction can launch us on a collective journey. To keep us safe and consistent as we travel, we each have an accountability to engage as storytellers – telling the small, important stories that assure our path, progress, and unfolding impact.

In the 21st Century, we are considered leaders when we guide others to a story of abundance. This is not about money or possessions; it is about service – giving our gift in the world. As a leader, you confidently give your gift and then lead others to give from their own confidence.

Purpose is not found in a full schedule or wickedly long to do lists.  The core of your purpose is in your own authenticity – a reality guiding you in your own story. From this reality, you find focus; you confidently find your place in a larger story.

This is your gift in the world.

3 thoughts on “Story – The Gift of Focus

  1. Schedules and to-do lists are great tools…for both good and evil! A pure story is our innoculating salvation!

    A good list helps us remember the details. If your passion has taken hold of you and launched you into feverish acts of creation and leadership, you might forget an “i” or “t”. A good list will help!

    An evil list helps us stall. It gives us a means to do the easy stuff and ignore the hard stuff. It continually grows. The hard stuff never gets scratched off. Evil lists get re-written. The hard stuff conspicuously falls off. Oops! Such is the way of the evil list.

    A good schedule helps us organize our work. It helps us benchmark our progress. It helps us connect dependencies. It helps us determine our pace. It helps us engage others who are infected by our joy of life and energy for the project. A good schedule will be the bringer of efficiency and effectiveness.

    An evil schedule thwarts our efforts at progress. It is the bringer of procrastination. Procrastination is an offspring of the Resistance. The evil schedule will become the mechanism whereby doubt and fear and self-loathing take control of your project. Such is the way of the evil schedule.

    A pure story, the authentic and simplified story of your intention, innoculates against evil lists and schedules. If you story is one that people can understand, then it is a story behind which they can align. People will become engaged. What you have to offer them becomes a part of what they have to offer you. That kind of collective…well, it can heal itself in moments of doubt, during times of trouble in the life of your project. That kind of story, that collective, is what innoculates against evil.

    Or at least against a schedule and to-do list gone bad.

    • Ric, wonderful writing as usual! And … a great analysis of the list and schedule. I just started reading Peter Guber’s book “Tell to Win.” From what I’ve read thus far, he would agree with your “… engage others who are infected by our joy of life and energy for the project” as to what a story does in our business life. We know a story does this in other parts of our life, but many are not open to the fact that it does it in our business life.

      And my favorite phrase? Your very last; “That kind of story, that collective, is what innoculates against evil.”

      As always, thanks for your thoughtful (full of thought) words,

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