Be Patient with You

Making an impact is about control. Having an impact is about giving. Control is put into play in one’s own behavior – behavior that leads to one having an impact. When it comes to behavior, it is important that we act as we do simply because it is the right thing to do.

On page 102 of Guy Kawasaki’s book, Enchantment, I found something that I must simply become better at doing. The following was a bullet in a section entitled Invoke Reciprocity:

Ask for Reciprocation. Don’t hesitate to ask for a favor in return when you need it and the person you’re asking can do it. This is a good practice because it relieves pressure on the recipient – you’re providing a way to repay a debt. This enables the recipient to accept more favors, and your relationship can deepen.

As a leader, there will always be much to learn and practice. As you practice the art of leadership, there is a component of focus that must be perfected – patience with self. It is impossible to be truly patient with another if you are not able to be patient with self. This is a level of self-giving that is critical in the flow to impact.

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