Relaxed Focus

The constant change, and consequent demand for action, of the 21st Century can be described by many terms; the likes of which would not include “relaxed.”

As Mark and I brought to an end the process of documenting his Personal/Professional Development Story. I was swept up in the question I had to ask. Mark is a trained, experienced engineer now leading a large group of the same. In light of the goals and actions we had formulated in the process, I asked how often he took time to disappear and think strategically. From the look on his face, I struck the nerve I was seeking.

More than ever we need our leaders to invest energy in this private time. It is less about strategic ‘planning’ and more about strategic ‘preparation.’ Planning is linked to action (how). Preparation is linked to focus (what and why). Preparation is understanding; and understanding releases tension in subsequent action.

The purpose found and spoken in Mark’s intentional strategic time will open doors that busyness will never be able to do. The excellence Mark values so innately is a natural result of the focused.

Relaxed focus is a state of being grounded in the what and why and flowing through the how.

NetworkingWe need you to be focused!

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