Personal Clarity

Prior to Eric and I entering a one-on-one coaching relationship, he had participated in group Desire & Intent sessions I facilitated with his peers and their CEO. Eric is the newest of the officer team and has thoughtfully and intentionally considered his role of leadership in the organization. In our first coaching session, his strength for thoughtful preparation was astounding. I told his CEO how, as I did my usual start-up monologue, Eric sat patiently and listened. The moment I finished Eric shared that he had been thinking in preparation for our coaching work. He began to share and I could barely keep up.

Trusting and acting on his own values, Eric allows purpose to flow with clarity for those he is charged with leading, influencing, and serving. A personal clarity at the level of one’s own values is the origination of authentic communication and connection.

Communication is judged – or perceived – as good when: It flows; it comes forth in a clear context; it is sincere; it is trustworthy.

As with Eric, when a leader’s communication acts are focused in the need of the present, the hearers are more equipped to do their part in filling the gaps necessary for a connection of mutual impact.

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