Accountable Presence

The joyous times we remember best are moments where we were fully present. What we valued most found balance in the experience unfolding into the joy we remember.

Free in Presence
Purpose finds life only in the present. Joy is a gift we discover as we indulge in the moment; a faithful satisfaction found in being with what is happening. This level of focus provides great freedom.

Freedom is Accountability
In the experiences of my work, the more I know, the more accountable I feel to apply what I know. Without purpose – focus – this application would be a tremendously confusing proposition.

In the clarity of purpose, we can be confident in the moments and find the joy and freedom of each one. Accountability is not an expectation created from any external source, it comes from within and is fortified by the balance of our core values.

You are accountable to apply your accumulated knowledge in accordance with your brand of love – your focused purpose. Others feel love in your presence when they see the accountability of your presence.

3 thoughts on “Accountable Presence

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