Deliberate Presence

Maintaining the right to be present is indeed a running battle. My journaling recently reflected this fight in the pool of my experience.

My first words that day were, “Let go.” I was working on an agreement for some new work when I became aware of a thought habit from a more youthful season: “I’ll be at peace when …” At that moment I felt the power of my first words. Letting go will never happen if I am always delaying presence with when.

To be deliberately present is to keep an important commitment; to turn off the world and listen to the one thing being given in the moment. I have found I listen in the moment more effectively as I am presently committed to my purpose – a voice-infused presence releasing me from the fearful outcome that yanked me into the future.

I was dragged from presence only because I was holding tight to that filament into the unknown.

“Let go.”

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