Be Here – Be Courageous

Listening brings one into the moment and the presence of another like no other act.

I know I shall never forget what Molly shared with me. Molly, in her mid-thirties, has broken records as she has lived with the liver of another human being for almost 30 years. This life has not been without tremendous struggle. Just 14 months ago, many of us thought her life here was over. The last time I saw her was just as she surfaced from a coma in critical care.

So, here I was all those months hence, sitting at her parent’s house waiting for my boarding passes to print for the next morning’s flights. I suddenly realized Molly had come by the house just to get me alone and give me the gift she had been delivering to all her family since Christmas.

Molly wanted to tell me how important we were in her life and how she honors our every prayer during that struggle last year. I listened. I was pulled powerfully into that moment with my beautiful niece. She then trusted me with her own listening experience where she was given the privilege of a one-on-one conversation with her creator.

Molly may just be the most courageous spirit I’ve ever known, or even heard about. After such a life-struggle, I’m fairly certain I would have boarded that heavenly bus without hesitation. Not Molly. She was not done here and confidently spoke of her mission not yet complete.

If Molly, with her life-long challenges, can choose to stay and be here, then I will find courage in her example and live my presence ever more intently.

Molly, you’ve been living your mission all your precious life!

2 thoughts on “Be Here – Be Courageous

  1. What an inspiration Mollly is! When someone like this comes into our lives, we can learn so much from their example. And obviously she wanted to share what people in her life meant to her. So often we don’t notice or acknowledge the impact special people have in our lives. It sounds like Molly both gives and receives that acknowledgement–as do you, Jeff. Thank you for sharing this story.

  2. Thank you for sharing Molly’s beautiful story. Molly is a great example of what our church leadership calls, “struggling well.” Despite her personal pain she manages to reach out to others and thank them for what they mean to her. Truly inspirational.

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