Fuel for Courage

What a thrill it was to hear Tom’s voice. We had not talked in a long time; my writing, his work, and our longtime friendship have kept us spiritually connected.

Tom has given his life to our college-age youth for more than a quarter of a century. He is dedicated to doing his part in growing the leaders our society needs. I was thrilled when he stated how he had never been more encouraged by the character and quality of the youth we now have in our midst. Tom sees a level of courage in today’s youth.

In my volunteer work with youth, I see an incredible ability for presence – we must find the best ways to support them to find victory over the many 21st Century distractions. Let us draw together in a commitment to our own voice and purpose as models for one another.

Voice can help one find authentic purpose; purpose will amplify one’s resonance. The energy of your voice – fueled by conscious application of your liberating values – produces the courage to be and do.

Your impact in this world manifests in your external presence one person at a time. It takes courage to be present. Presence is too often counterintuitive to what common, observable behavior in our society speaks.

The fuel for the courage you need is your voice.

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