The Energy of Persistence

It is no accident that your unique voice is what it is; this is providential. Whatever personal preferences you hold at your core, the energy of your voice flows from a source in the deep waters of who you are.

The morning of this post my eyes opened with thoughts focused on the limo driver brushing snow from the windows after clearing a path from apartment door to my door on his well-worn Cadillac. This was the view from my corporate apartment window. This memory is 20 years old this month and from when I was on a temporary assignment in the Chicago area.

I exclusively engaged this limo driver on my trips back and forth from home and temporary home. He was a wonderful man. He was kind, respectful, and a great conversationalist. He was an important part of this experience in my corporate career. My first thoughts on this morning were of him; and I could not remember his name.

As I mentally approached each letter of the alphabet – a process that normally helps me remember things – I realized a pain associated with this particular lapse of memory. In the river of who I am, there is an original channel that formed my providential flow. Moving in the depth of this channel are the many and varying experiences I’ve had with other human beings; people who stir the energy of my voice.

Voice gives you the power of persistence. I am very glad this is so. After my run-through of the alphabet failed to jar my long-term memory, I allowed my mind to relax into an unconscious search. A tear from each eye rolled down each side of my reclined face as I quietly mouthed his name, “Wallace.”

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