Bless the Rocks

Being thumped out into the turbulence of the river is something I will not soon forget. After breaking through the thin layer between drowning and floating, I saw the rock; a rock so large, it was a major player in turning the river’s flow. I found my footing just in time to keep from being slammed into the rock’s immovable position.

While I held the river in esteem prior to this experience, I now hold a reverential respect for the power in its flow. The river has gifted me with a new level of consciousness when blessed to be in its presence. This adventure in the character building torrent enlightened me to the meaning behind the partnership of water and rocks; movement and clarity.

The rocks in our lives keep the flow moving in a direction congruent with personal intention. And in the right conditions of time and place, we form depth made clear by forced movement. The depth of our pools are clear because of the rocks.

With voice in full engagement, I am learning to bless the rocks; not as barriers, but as providential builders of experience in my journey.

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