Voice is Core

This post, and the next 6, are rooted in the topic of voice. The longer I study, observe, and practice in the freedom of voice, the more I am in awe of the power.

Those who know you best – who love you authentically – appreciate you for something they know consistently about you; something that is core in their experience of you. I contend what these persons experience are results and manifestations of your voice.

I learned something about voice as a value the very day of this post. Marvin and I were working on strategies in support of his goals. As he walked me through his thinking on these strategies, it was vividly evident that his voice of engagement/encouragement was at the core of his process. As Marvin talked, I recorded each strategy and his unique, behavioral steps for action. I flipped up to his Values Cycle and there at the center of his values was his voice. Seeing his voice in a literal, visual presentation was powerful for both coach and coachee.

Marvin is authentic; what you get is who he is. This presentation of authenticity flows to others through his voice. It is Marvin’s consciousness of his voice and his commitment to it, that allow him to persistently flow out the results and manifestations of who he is to the world.

6 thoughts on “Voice is Core

  1. I hadn’t thought of it as “voice” before, Jeff, but I like that idea. That concept really unites the message that people are here to deliver with the who the person really is. It is unique to each of us. Thanks for such a thought-provoking post.

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