When Clarity Presents Itself

The feeling of confidence comes from acting on what we know is right regardless of how we feel at the time we are called upon for the action. However, the source of one’s confidence is present long before the requirement of any situation.

Think about a time when you were in the center of a particular challenging situation and the right answer, solution, or response was right there. The right choice seemed to present itself suddenly. It did not appear to be the result of a lot of thinking. Where did this surprising confidence come from?

When clarity presented itself, you moved with confidence in the moment of illumination. The source of your confidence is in your authenticity and the clarity flows from your intuition – a super-intelligence that remembers every detail from one’s unique experiences. When you know right, you know it. Accountability means you are conscious of your purpose. This true accountability is rooted in your authenticity.

Safe in your authentic purpose, you are ready when clarity presents itself. This is the New Confidence.

5 thoughts on “When Clarity Presents Itself

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  2. When you remember a time when you were really certain or totally confident, you help recreate those feeling and that emotional state and can then regain all the things that went with it, including that clarity and that feeling of being authentically right. When you remember, you recreate that state physiologically and can apply it to your current situation, building a stronger confidence in many contexts.

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