A Manuscript of Values

It is indeed a challenge to embrace an experience for its lasting treasure and let the rest go. If one is not consciously locked on one’s values, it may be near impossible. It is human nature to seek in each experience an answer to the question, “What does this mean to me?” When the answer is not clear, we tend to script a message for the particular experience; an injunction that tends to fuel a false fear that could otherwise be quelled by an authentic answer.

That answer is faithfully positioned in the manuscript of your core values. These values are the chapters in the book of your authenticity. When we understand our own values at a level that is personal versus general, we are better equipped to navigate meaning and find our own answer.

Your individualized values are interconnected in a way that provides a continual source of forward energy. Just as the chapters of a good book move the reader through the story, your values move you purposefully and confidently along your path.

7 thoughts on “A Manuscript of Values

  1. Our values really ARE the guiding principles of what is most important to us. I like the idea of understanding our values “at a level that is personal versus general” and find this posting a great reminder. I discovered a long time ago that if I connected the things on my “to do” list with my values, that getting those things done that I always procrastinated about completely changed. I found that when I really understood why doing something on my list was personally important to me, I became really motivated to get it done and that my attitude toward doing it changed completely from negative to positive.

  2. I am a big supporter of a values driven life and I have to say that I find it interesting that even when we know, feel, guess it is against our inner core, we can still ignore it. Thanks for reminding us about connecting to that information.


  3. Values are very key, as they drive most of our behaviors. But I notice that people often have a hard time stating what their values are – and I do, too, sometimes. We grow up with many of them unspoken – we act out of them without really thinking WHY we act in that way. It’s good work to ferret them out.
    Sue Painter

  4. It took me a while to finally write down my values and I try to review them regularly. So powerful! Thanks for the reminder to pull them out again! Two of my big ones: FUN and Openness… Whitney

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