A Faith Flow

One enters A New Confidence through a transition to self acceptance and personal freedom. As I learned to direct my managing energy toward things and my leading energy for the benefit of others, I built up confidence in nurturing my own well-being. This was an important phase in the unfolding of personal impact.

The world waits for us to act, to make our unique mark, to deliver from an ordained impact. Sadly, the world often has to wait a long time as we are afraid to let go, to be what we can be, and break free of what falsely comforts us.

As the need to control – the necessity of safety – lessens, your focus on others intensifies. This extension of personal impact has become evident in the world by the freedom of faith; a faith that says you will be okay.

Leading in A New Confidence is powerful not because you effectively focus on others, but because of why you focus on others. The power flows to others from the assurance you have in your own foundational authenticity.

2 thoughts on “A Faith Flow

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