The Vehicle for Voice

The principle of commitment is a power intended for your good. From a standpoint of personal impact, it is a power of leadership, influence, and service in this world; powerful impact flowing to others through you. In a conscious new confidence, you unfold this impact moment by moment – one commitment built on another – as you allow the guidance given in your unique Desire & Intent.

Allan and I have only just begun to work together. Already I am excited to see where his own Desire & Intent will take him. The last two years have taken their toll on the headcount in his organization, the flow of business in his territory, and on Allan’s confidence. It will be a personal joy to me to hear Allan express his Desire & Intent, become conscious of his own voice, and experience the connection of the two. Allan will discover Desire & Intent as a vehicle for his voice.

For each of us, the core of our purpose is to flow. That flow is productive as we free desire and own intent; freeing both in our behavior and connecting behavior to results of impact. Owning intent is a mark of balanced maturity; an ability to leverage the power of connective, unfolding commitments.

2 thoughts on “The Vehicle for Voice

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