Desire and Content

I love fly fishing, and I love wading the clear mountain stream. Sometimes the wade is slow and deliberate as I seek a sporting connection with a wary trout. Other times it is like hiking in water as I move along enjoying scene after scene as viewed through the heart lens of a photographer.

Regardless of the approach, I am always halted by the varying pools in the character of the stream. Knowing exactly what may be in each pool is not important. For me, it is more about being present with the pool and allowing it to show me what it will.

In my own journey, as I learned to attach intent to desire, structure began to form and build my skill for searching each pool for content. Finding content is not always about taking it. More times than not, it is simply about reading what I see in that pool, and then trusting it to settle where it wishes.

Here is what I have found: The meaning of any content, and the providential timing of its expression, is realized by me because of conscious commitment to my gift of desire.

3 thoughts on “Desire and Content

  1. Beautifully expressed, Jeff. I would add, not only “conscious commitment to my gift of desire” but also my unconscious commitment. Not only is the intention consciously there, but also a willingness to notice the meaning which may occur both consciously and unconsciously. It is getting conscious and unconscious into alignment that may hold the key.

  2. The power of intention is huge!!! I love the image of fly fishing. My hub, kids and I are moving to NE Oregon next June and to some of the premier fly fishing spots anywhere! I am excited to learn. You’ll have to come visit! Whitney

  3. Beautiful. I love the phrase, ‘sporting connection.’. There is such playfulness in that kind of relationship. I would also add that the willingness to let go plays a significant role in this dance between intent and desire.

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