A Desire for Impact

Impact in the 21st Century is less about outcomes and results and more about the unfolding story of your reach. Your unique brand of impact – or the impact of your brand – is the sustainable influence of your leadership. As influence grows, reach expands; it is the conscious expansion of reach that deepens one’s impact.

It seems I may finally be at a place on my journey where I finally believe what I hear from others about my work. It is certainly not a matter of distrust on my part as I believe those who express themselves are being thoroughly truthful. The problem has been with me as I attempted to be modest and simply ended up not listening; not hearing the gift in the message. It is like the person who receives a sincere compliment from a friend, and immediately begins to denigrate the intent as they explain why the compliment is in some way simply not true. This is disrespectful of both gift and giver.

Therefore, I send out sincere apologies and extreme gratitude to all who have blessed me with their sincere and thoughtful words. You each have played an artful role in the rich content that has so masterfully merged with my desire. You have caused me to pay attention to my unique impact as you lovingly validate my desire, my intent, and my practice.

6 thoughts on “A Desire for Impact

  1. Not receiving the gift of a message and not hearing the gift IN the message are two of the most limiting things we do in life. Hats off for discovering what you’ve been given.
    Sue Painter

  2. What a wonderful reminder, Jeff, about what we do to ourselves and others when we become modest about the impact we have. I really like that you’ve written about the “gift.” That is exactly what the acknowledgement of impact is about.

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