Flowing Intent

The frequency of your unique desire assists the flow of your intent.

There is a certain saying about a particular road that is paved with good intentions. While that saying is harsh and void of grace, there is a partial truth within: Our intent is meaningless if it does not translate into behavior. In some cases – over time – a good behavior can nullify intent if the behavior does not achieve a result.

This is how we build trust: First we trust ourself to keep the commitments made from the desire in our core; we then allow intent to flow through behavior to a consistent and sustainable impact (the result of one’s commitments externally).

This dependable flow yields the freedom that is indispensible to our desire. In this flow, desire is set free in a productive present where intent is translated into impact.

6 thoughts on “Flowing Intent

  1. I really like the idea of our intent flowing through behavior. I hadn’t thought of it that way before, but find that really DOES capture intent at its best. Thank you, Jeff.

  2. I agree with Linda, beautiful articulation of intent. I also think that when there’s a solid intent that has been cultivated with loving attention, our behavior becomes more inspired.

    I also appreciate your point about trust. It seems to be pretty easy to fall out of integrity if one is not keeping our heartfelt commitments…and then it’s a short distance to the slippery slope of lost confidence and shaky sense of self.

    • Thanks Melanie. And I love the phrase “… it’s a short distance to the slippery slope of lost confidence and shaky sense of self” So very true. I’ve just begun a project where I’ve been asked to assist in a large organization where we will be working to help each individual climb back up that slope to personal confidence in uncertain times.

  3. Thanks, Jeff, for the reminder about the power of our intentions, and how we hold them, and how that brings energy and excitement to us and to others. Or, not. 🙂
    Sue Painter

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