The Frequency of Your Desire

It is a sad truth that many will never discover the message of desire. They will remain in the control of confusion brought on by the mooring of desire in the harbor of the unimportant.

Allowing 21st Century busyness to drown out the song of your desire is an addiction that is only out for your demise. Fortunately, desire is persistent and will, through its loving resonance, continue to call up and out to you.

What is keeping you from listening?

Your desire has already outlined and written so much of your unique story. When our observation is not consciously present, we miss the beautiful story; our own story. When not receptive to the vibration of the frequency of our own desire, it becomes impossible to impact the story of another; we miss the bounty of the dovetail of stories.

Adjust your attention to the frequency of your desire and lock onto your purpose.

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