Impact; and the Love of Story

The measure of our continuing individuality in any work is the refusal to be swallowed by our goals, our ambitions, or our company no matter how marvelous they may be. -David Whyte in Crossing the Unknown Sea

It is just past mid-year, and I only now feel I have come to the preparation work intended for the previous December. I have been working on my marketing methodology while simultaneously reviewing my business journal. I’ve only just realized what a story this journal tells. It tells a story of my impact over the last nine years. More importantly, it tells of my love of the story.

During a recent dinner, my friend Jimmy Neil Smith asked me about my gift in the world. I instinctively shared my answer: “The confidence found in authenticity.” As Jimmy Neil shared his view of how I share this gift, I suddenly realized how my gift is naturally delivered. It is pushed out into the world by my strength of giving. I study and learn, give according to my learning, and I then see growth both personally and collectively. This is my story unfolding. This is my impact. This is the story I love.

What is your gift to the world?

What strength do you have that, when flexed, delivers this gift naturally?

Go and do this as often as you can.

5 thoughts on “Impact; and the Love of Story

  1. What a wonderful and inspiring message, Jeff. I agree that when you focus on your gift to the world, the message you are here to deliver, the purpose of your life, things begin to unfold and you can share what you love with the world. And the gift multiplies…

  2. I believe my gift is service. I love serving others whether it be serving a nice dinner to my family, serving my church, or serving my client’s by providing the necessary tools to build a successful online business.

    I love to share and it gives me great pleasure to help someone succeed. So I truly believe my gift is to serve others.

    Thanks Jeff, for allowing me to share it. 🙂

  3. So beautiful, Jeff. I’m loving the theme that’s showing up in my life supporting simple and true authenticity. Though I see a good part of my work to be about the cultivation of personal peace, it’s grounded in the years I spent with my mentor, Dick Olney, studying self acceptance training. All this to say, I’m right there with you.

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