The Journey of Self-Discovery

It’s like learning a new language.

We had been working together for several weeks when Deanna said this to me. She had been learning many valuable specifics about her true self and each week successively impressing me with her focused and intentional application with what she was learning. Deanna is acting with integrity.

Integrity is a word I often hear when working with someone to identify and define specific, core values. Integrity is maintained not in general action, but in action that is specific to who you are.

In the 21st Century, a focused and intentional application is the individual leader’s treasure. At the same time that Deanna is committed on this path of authenticity, the flooding force of distraction is more powerful than ever. Busyness joins with the shoulds of others and distracts you from the integrity of you.

While Deanna aspires to her envisioned level of impact in this world, my job is to continue to provide the encouragement that opens her eyes to her unique brand of impact that is building in each successive, authentic act.

8 thoughts on “The Journey of Self-Discovery

  1. The new language is authenticity and honesty. Or, as you say, integrity. It’s sweet to hear someone say how much it feels and sounds like a new language to her…a totally new culture, as it were. 🙂
    Sue Painter

  2. We sometimes use different words to describe it (authenticity, honesty, congruence), but it is that “trueness” that makes what we do in tune with that inner “plumb line” when we are in iintegrity with ourselves and our fellow men.

  3. What a great reminder that the more we act with integrity, the more likely we are to feel the pressures and distractions to give it up and move in a different direction. I think it’s like learning a new language because acting true to ourselves instead of succumbing to the desires of others is new, uncharted territory for many of us.

  4. Integrity is definitely one of the key qualities I look for in people. Especially people I do business with. And I want them to feel confident in my integrity by doing just what you have said, being true to who I am. Always showing the “real” me in all situations.

    Thanks Jeff!

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