One Person’s Passion

I finally realized the core of my motivation in reading and studying what I read. First of all, I read the work of good writers; like my favorite, David Whyte. Next, from the pleasure of the read, I am compelled to study; to contemplate the writer’s words and the passion behind those words. I then become a willing assistant to the writer as I further the impact born in one person’s passion.

And so it is with good leaders. Leading with passion paves the pathway with a manuscript others wish to travel. They consciously invest themselves in following. Like the good writer, the passionate leader compels us to study on the journey, to look inside with confidence and find there the energy to contribute and complete intended impact.

Yes, impact is born in one person’s passion; and impact is furthered – made complete – by those who study. Study equates to diligence. One-by-one it is the diligent who form the committed collective that gets anything of value done in this world.

Lead from your passion and compel us to action in the manuscript of your actions.

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