It Begins with Commitment

The moment of change is when one commits.

It was a Friday when Robert was asked to assume the role of President on the following Monday. After meeting with him and having the privilege to talk for two hours, I feel certain Robert accepted the challenge without hesitation.

In that moment, this college in the mountains was changed. The faculty, staff, and students had been invited into the story of a bright future – a story unfolding.

While Robert possesses the passion and dedication of an engaging storyteller, he is committed to the listener as he vividly outlines the unfolding of the collective story and enrolls each individual in the telling. The collective telling is made rich as he leads them with clarity along the curve and abundantly shares success through the strengths of each person’s character in the narrative.

The commitment of the one connects with the commitments of the many to bring about the impact of collective reach. This is 21st Century leadership.

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